Jeni Barnacle

Congratulations are offered to Director Jeni Barnacle who will be leaving Nurcha on 3rd May 2022 to a well earned retirement with her family.

Jeni will continue to be offering Snug As A Bug sessions in Rockland St Mary and Dickleburgh with her lovely groups, as she is passionate about supporting young families living in rural areas, and is committed to ensuring access and support for these communities. Director Jenni Moore says "Over the years working with Jeni I have seen how dedicated she is to improving the wellbeing of people she comes into contact with, both professionally and personally. I wish Jeni the best retirement and hope that it brings her much fulfilment. This isn't goodbye as we will very likely see each other on the river very soon!" Director Claire Hargrave adds "It has been a pleasure working alongside Jeni over the last few years, and I wish her a very happy and richly deserved retirement."

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