Do the thing. HUZZAH!

Behaviour, body language and the choice of words are all forms of communicating our feelings, desires and self to others.

Over the last few weeks I have found myself specifically tailoring my communication with the

outside world, selecting a specific outfit for a meeting or adopting a listening stance in social situations. This, along with my usual observation of people’s postures (ask any therapist we analyse what might be hurting you almost subconsciously) has led me to think more closely about what and how we are all communicating with each other.

The world has become more closed off and as a result so has some of our body language, we withdraw from those who might at other times have comforted us because we fear the unknown. What most of us need in our communication today is clarity, clarity of action, clarity of communication both verbal and non verbal.

So how do we gain that?

I have started by assessing what is important to me now, and how that has changed. Knowing where I'm going and how that looks is now the driving force of my actions. Along with the other fantastic directors, we have clarity of what we are aiming for and the strength to stand up for it. Where our vision for all the people we want to help is compromised, or our brand looks to be threatened we say "no" in a calm manner. We are clear in our communications and as a result we not only find help and support from these around us but we are shown options that better suit us and in the longer term, the communities we will help.

So, my main message is this; communicate clearly what you want.

As soon as your communications match up on all levels, you will find people respond, they are also seeking that clarity and will be more likely to help you when you are clear.

Stand in front of a mirror every day, practice showing you are certain, do some superhero poses to boost your confidence, wear those clothes that make you feel amazing.

Or just take inspiration from all the other fantastic people out there such as the wonderful Dave Felton on TikTok "do the thing..HUZZAH!"

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